Soo… it’s been a little while!

Hi everyone from Dan’s Guitar Lessons Bournemouth!

I have been keeping busy with a couple of projects here and there. One of them being an acoustic duo called Redwood, which I have formed with fantastic female vocalist Naomi. We are nearly ready to hit the gigging circuit, so very excited to see where that leads! Hopefully you’ll be seeing me around the Bournemouth area at some point soon.

I have also enjoyed playing a handful of gigs with ABBA’s Angels, a tribute band to the one and only ABBA, which has been a unique experience that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would! The guys have been really great to work with as well!

On top of that I have been cracking on with recording with Xander and the Keys for our new album which is just sounding better and better. We have been really enjoying writing lots of exciting new songs! I really can’t wait for people to hear it when it’s released 🙂

Dan’s Guitar Lessons Bournemouth