Online Guitar Lessons

I provide online guitar lessons so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Just sit back, flick on your laptop and get started!

Things have changed, the technology is here, and its easy!

Nowadays, through the internet we have access to a wealth of helpful tools and information.

We live in a world where we can use our phones to find out about almost anything. From learning apps to online tutorials, each of these tools offers something useful.

However, one thing you don’t get from these commodities is dedicated human interaction.

For example, it can be frustrating to watch a Youtube tutorial and not understand something, and then not be able to interrupt the teacher and ask them!

You also don’t necessarily get the moral support of someone cheering you on and encouraging you!

These things are part of what makes guitar lessons valuable, but also memorable.

My aim with online lessons is to provide you with the convenience of having access to all the information you need at home, as well as that crucial support to help YOU understand and progress and really ENJOY learning!

So, with me you will receive a live online guitar lesson, solely focused on you and your goals. Just like in a face to face lesson, we will be able to discuss your goals and challenges, and build your confidence.

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