The difference between ‘practising’ and ‘playing’

I am sure most people start playing the guitar because they want to get a lot of joy, satisfaction and most of all fun out of it! This is fair enough, and it is certainly why I play and continue to play the guitar. Plus there is nothing more infectious than seeing someone genuinely enjoying themselves when performing, and performing should be fun!

However, in order to have got to the stage where you are having fun playing this beloved instrument you needed to put the practise in. Your guitar lessons are they to help you to know what to practise, you are the one who has to actually do it!

Quite often, what happens is that once a guitarist has learned to play a few things they enjoy on the guitar they end up playing and fiddling with the same old things every time they pick up the guitar! As a result, they are not learning anything new or stretching their abilities!

I think it is fair to say we have all done this, and its not a crime! It is just worth pointing out that this is not practising. Practising is all about playing the things you CAN’T play yet. This is the only way you will improve as a guitar player and expand on your current playing abilities and GROW as a musician!

Practising can be tedious, and I often say it is supposed to be tedious and frustrating, because you cant do it yet! But the satisfaction that comes with learning a new skill is the reward which only adds to your enjoyment when you get up and PLAY!


Dan @ Dan’s Guitar Lessons Bournemouth