Updates and Improvements to the business

I am very excited to share some updates and improvements I am making to my teaching business.

It has been a rather turbulent journey since 2019, where I came away from teaching full-time to focus on other things.

However, it has also been a personal journey, one of which where I have come full circle.

I have learned the importance of enjoying what you do, considering the time you can end up spending doing it!

This is why I have come back to teaching full-time, but this time with new energy to take my teaching business to the next level.

I have therefore been making the following updates and improvements.

  • Refurbishing my home teaching studio
  • Investing in new guitars and equipment
  • I have began new musical projects, one of which will be the very highest standard of wedding and functions bands you can get
  • Opened up my timetable to take on more students
  • Updated and structured my teaching syllabus, working so that aligns with your progress as well as assisting my students with their grades
  • More updates to come!

I have to say, I am very excited to be pushing forward with these updates and improvements to a business I have established for over 12 years!